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[spring cleaning] BL manga - $1

Everything is $1 unless otherwise stated
Payment preferably via paypal, but arrangements can be made
Prices do not include shipping
Shipping from San Francisco

Fake 2 | Fake 4 | Fake 6

Tarot Cafe 2(marks on cover as shown) | Tarot Cafe 4 | Tarot Cafe 7

Magazines($5) and Artbooks
click on name to see the inside and gifts

Bolo #1 - Keychain+Sekaiichi Hatsukoi poster

Bolo #2 (some water damage) - 4 postcards+K cardholder

Bolo #3 - Double sided poster+CD case+notebook

Yaoi Kanojo - Double sided psoter+Dramatical Murder fold-up milkbox(?)

Yaoi Kanojo Artbook - 2011 poster calendar+2011 planner
Preview 1 | Preview 2 | Some pages are breaking from spine

Kisaragi Hirotaka Illustrations
Preview 1 | Preview 2

Free with the purchase of $5 or more
1 per each $5 purchase

Gravitation 4 | Eerie Queerie 4 | Hayate the Combat Butler 1 | Naruto 44

Please use the below form if interested

Zip Code/State:
Payment Method:
Additional Comments:

Come check out my other $1 manga as well!

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Name: Wolfy Schizo
Zip Code/State: Ppetaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Item(s): BOLO # 1,2,3
Payment Method: Paypal
Additional Comments: Can i request to see the K card holder?
Here you go :)

I have to go to the post office to get a price quote though, since it only gives my ridiculous options online.
Okay quote me the price when you know. I think i might just want magazines #1. And feel free to let me know more of your "BL-ish items for sale that are not stated at your sales page". Any more of sekaiichi hatsukoi things?
I don't think I have anymore of those, but I do have two manga in Japanese by the same artist. I actually have a lot of posters but they aren't the official stuff. I have some pretty nice plastic Kuroshitsuji posters though if you're interested.
Can you send me the pics of the two manga? what posters are they?
Here you go:
As for the posters they are about 1.5ftx2ft. I have ones of Code Geass, FMA, Kuroshitsuji, some Kpop ones, and others I can't recall right now. I don't have any of more recent series though, so no Free! or SnK.
HOw much is that two books?
Hi, sorry for the late reply! I didn't get a chance to get a price quote until two days ago. It's quite expensive, $24 for up to 2lbs. The two manga is $2 each.
@.@ that is damn expensive. :( i dont think i am able to afford such postal fees.